Sunday school

God said about children that «for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these». In this book category, Sunday school teachers will find many interesting things. You will receive answers to the most popular questions: how to spiritually educate children and be an example for them? What should be a good Sunday school teacher? How to tell the smallest about God? How to get a teenager interested in the Bible? You will find children’s camp books and programs, instructions for making Christian manuals, playbooks for sports ministry, and Christian fiction stories.

This page is searched for: books for children, Christian books for Sunday school, useful materials for a Christian camp, Christian games, Christian stories for children, Christian poetry for children. Books in this category are suitable for parents, Christian educators, and spiritual mentors.

You no longer need to look for where to download a book — in our Christian library Equalibra you can read online, and many books can be read for free. The application has very convenient navigation, and soon it will be possible not only to read, but also to listen to audiobooks.