Unlimited reading with a subscription

You can read free and private books without a paid subscription.

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What if I extend my subscription before the current subscription expires?

Time from your new subscription will be added to current one. There is nothing to lose.

Can I download books?

No, you can′t download books from Library. You can only read them through our website or mobile application.

Why should I pay if I can get books for free somewhere?

Usually such books are pirated. They are available illegally, against the copyright owner′s will. Equalibra is a legal content provider. Authors and publishers get paid when their books are read.

Using legal content, you help authors to produce more good books.

Do you offer discounts?

Yes. You get a significant discount with an annual subscription. We also publish various promotions on social media

Can I read offline?

No, an internet connection is required.

Soon we will release the offline reading feature for our mobile apps.

Can I read books for free?

Yes. You can read free books and upload your private books for reading.

Have a different question?

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