Information for copyright owners

Why do publishers and authors need Equalibra?

  • Equalibra makes it easy to promote e-books. Readers learn about interesting books from their friends;
  • Books are available all over the world. Distribute your literature in countries where it is not easy to sell books on paper;
  • Protect your e-book from piracy. The library cannot download books for illegal distribution;
  • The book preview mode is a simple way to familiarize the reader with the text of the book in your online store.

About the service

«Equalibra» combines everything you need for convenient reading of e-books: a large selection of Christian literature in the library, reviews from friends when choosing books, and an e-reader for simple and comfortable reading.

How it works

Book authors and publishers place e-books in the library and receive royalties when their books are read by subscribers.

Books from the library cannot be downloaded or transferred to someone; they can only be read using the built-in reader, having previously paid for a subscription.

The admin panel of the copyright holder collects useful statistics: the number of readers, reviews and recommendations, time spent reading books. This data will show the popularity of books and authors, you will receive reader feedback, determine the real target audience and demand.

How to place books in a library

To publish e-books in Equalibra, you need to follow a few simple steps:

  1. prepare information about books: title, author, year of publication, description, cover;
  2. contact us to formalize an agreement and post electronic versions of books;
  3. register with the library by creating an account.

After signing the contract, your books will become available for reading and you will begin to receive royalties.

If you do not have e-books in the required format, please let us know and we will help you prepare the book for publication.

Christian books that contradict the Nicene-Constantinopolitan Creed will not be placed in the library.

These wonderful publishers have already placed books in the library:

КнигоношаСвітло на СходіПодорож по БібліїХристиянське просвітництвоДуховне відродженняIn LumineСветлая звездаХристиянський науково-апологетичний центрХМЛКоллоквиум