False Stereotypes in Judaism and Christianity

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The purpose of this book is to show that Judaism and Christianity are not two separate, conflicting religions, as they are often presented to us, but one united faith, rooted in the Torah, the Prophets and the Scriptures. If those in Judaism would accept the Messiah (Christ), and Christianity would come back to its Jewish roots (the teachings of the apostles), then we could consider them as equal.


Title Page


Part 1. Judaism rejected Messiah

Chapter 1. The Fulfillment of God’s Promises for the Nation

Chapter 2. God’s Promise about Messiah

Chapter 3. Reasons Why God’s People Reject Jesus

Part 2. Where the belief came from that a Jew who believes in Christ, can no longer be a
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Baruch, 2019
Language: English

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Michael Karpovetzki on Equalibra
Michael Karpovetzki

Michael Karpovetzki has been working as an evangelist in Israel for 30 years. Knowledge of Hebrew language, Jewish and Christian doctrines and traditions allows Michael to share with readers valuable results made in the process of researching the Holy Scriptures.

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