Love Never Fails

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You will find a lot of interesting and instructive insights in this exciting story.It has joy and sorrow, adventure, and war, and a lot of humor.It reflects characteristics of Jewish national culture, the geography of Israel, and even politics.

But the most important idea in this book is the story of life, penetrated by love, which descends from heaven and fills a life with true meaning. Only love makes life invariably beautiful, the spirit strong, and the heart strong. Only with love can all trials be overcome. Only in love is the source of wisdom, strength and inspiring beauty, because God is Love.

Unfolding on the pages before you is the fate of a person seeking the meaning of life. And the result of this search is God, who opens heaven and sends His unimaginably resplendent love, which never ceases to amaze. Love is stronger than death because it NEVER STOPS!


About the Book

Title Page

Love Is Unending


Keyla, How Cheap Can You Be?!

The only Thing Better than Mountains Can only Be more Mountains

Even Though I Walk through the Darkest Valley

Death Pass

Search for the Truth

Only the Truth Can Set You Free

I Believe!

Love Covers Many
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Language: English
ISBN: 9789662346398

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Michael Karpovetzki on Equalibra
Michael Karpovetzki

Michael Karpovetzki has been working as an evangelist in Israel for 30 years. Knowledge of Hebrew language, Jewish and Christian doctrines and traditions allows Michael to share with readers valuable results made in the process of researching the Holy Scriptures.

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