Time for Truth: A Challenge to Skeptics

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Is there one consistent truth, one story which eclipses all others, a single road towards the light revealed through religion, science, philosophy, legend and myth? Some would say 'no'; they are wrong. We live in perilous times. This is a time for answers, a time to take a closer look, this is a Time for Truth.



Chapter One: The Existence of God

Chapter Two: Creation

Chapter 3: Evil: An Age-Old Problem

Chapter Four: The Fall

Chapter Five: The Flood

Chapter Six: Abraham: The Father of the Faithful

Chapter Seven: God the Romantic

Chapter Eight: The Development of a Nation

Chapter Nine:
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Авторское издание, 2008
Язык: Английский

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Подробнее об авторе

Steve Copland на Эквалибре
Steve Copland

Steve Copland is a self-supported missionary serving the Lord in Ukraine since 2003. He works at the International Christian University (ICU) where he lectures on Biblical Studies, Apologetics and Church History. ICU offers degrees in Business Management and Marketing but is unique in that it provides four courses grounded in Christian teaching.

Steve also works as a volunteer pastor at New Life Church in Kiev where he and his wife Natasha are involved in evangelism and in particular student ministries. The rest of the time he teaches English and writes books.

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