33 hints for a happy marriage
33 hints for a happy marriage
33 hints for a happy marriage
33 hints for a happy marriage

33 hints for a happy marriage


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In this book Vasiliy and Lyubov disclose the problems of relationships in marriages and propose ways for building family values into a society and also into every family. The authors have distilled their collective wisdom and experience into 33 steps which will help to build a happy family and to gain pleasure in awesome love and a remarkable relationship.

The book is designed for a wide range of readers.





1. Start every day with prayer

2. Be grateful for one another

3. Pray for one another daily

4. Bless one another

5. Respect one another

6. Value the thought of one another even if it is totally opposite to yours

7. Do not try to change or to re-educate each other

8. Hasten to make peace before the sunset

9. Be quick to forgive

10. Rejoice over spending time with one another

11. Identify the abilities of each other

12. Don’t say anything negative to one another or against one another

13. Trust each other

14. Be open to one another

15. Be interested in the needs desires and dreams of each other

16. Be attentive and listen to one another

17. Learn about one another

18. Share together your joy, failures and disappointments

19. Help each other

20. Laugh

21. Often exchange the gentle glance

22. Often give presents and flowers

23. Often make pleasant surprises to one another

24. Leave room in your life for humor

25. Spend time with one another along: go for a walk, make short trips, have talks with a cup of tea

26. Say each other “You are my best”

27. Do not be stingy for kissing or embracing; do not wait for a special reason for that

28. Often tell each other: “I love you”

29. Do not avoid each other, but be sensitive to intimate needs of one another

30. Be gentle to one another

31. Love your children

32. Respect parents on both sides

33. Use finances rightly

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