33 hints for a happy marriage

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In this book Vasiliy and Lyubov disclose the problems of relationships in marriages and propose ways for building family values into a society and also into every family. The authors have distilled their collective wisdom and experience into 33 steps which will help to build a happy family and to gain pleasure in awesome love and a remarkable relationship.

The book is designed for a wide range of readers.





1. Start every day with prayer

2. Be grateful for one another

3. Pray for one another daily

4. Bless one another

5. Respect one another

6. Value the thought of one another even if it is totally opposite to yours

7. Do not try to change or to re-educate each
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Self-publishing, 2015
Language: English

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Vasiliy Voytovich on Equalibra
Vasiliy Voytovich

Магистр теологии, докторант Евангельской Теологической Семинарии, соискатель научной степени доктора практического богословия, лектор, проповедник, учитель.

Василий и Любовь Войтович — основатели журнала «Счастливая семья» и телепередачи «Бог исцеляет разбитые сердца» (США, www.happyfamilymag.com)

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