Oleksandr Koval

  • Sergey Golovin, Olga Golovina

    Искусство обнажаться. Богословские аспекты супружеской близости

    Даже в браке мы часто продолжаем прикрывать себя «фиговыми листками» недоверия, страха, ожидания подвоха … Искусство же брачной близости — это умение быть взаимно нагими во всех отношениях.

    Цель этой книги — не вызвать у читателей смущения или оскорбить чьи-то религиозные чувства. Мы всего лишь хотим, чтобы семейные узы учеников Христовых постоянно продолжали крепнуть, согласно Слову Божьему, принося супругам радость,Show more

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  • Steve Copland

    Mary Magdalene: A Woman Who Loved

    Who was Mary Magdalene?

    Was history rewritten? Was she the wife of Jesus, or a prostitute whose life had led her into demonic possession? There are a few broken lines written about her on a tiny Gnostic fragment, but the Gnostic gospels were written to discredit Jesus. 

    Mary Magdalene is the first book in a trilogy of 1st century novels. This book explores the life of a woman driven into prostitution, bitterness and demonShow more

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  • Slug: The Reluctant Butterfly

    Slug wants to fly, but the idea of being ’born again’ as a butterfly frightens him. Like many other caterpillars, he wants to live his way. He is deceived into going to the center of the tree where disobedient caterpillars indulge in worldly activities.

    Grunt, a crow, is flying with a gang. He wants to be accepted and look cool. The gang hunt foolish caterpillars who leave the safety of their leaves and go to the center of the tree. Grunt meets Grace who teaches him the gospel and leads him to forgiveness. Slug eventually learns to trust and obey and is born again as a butterfly.

    This book teaches children to grasp and accept that God has a special purpose for every life, and true happiness is found in living His plan.

    Children 5-10 yrs.

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  • Just Because: The Story of Salvation for Children

    Just Because takes children on an exciting journey through the Bible as a continuous story. Children see the biblical characters come alive, and anticipate with excitement the coming of Jesus to "crush the serpent’s head" as Satan tries to discover His identity. Each chapter takes about twenty minutes to read and ends with a short biblical lesson. Kids love it.

    Children 7-12 years

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  • Time for Truth: A Challenge to Skeptics

    Is there one consistent truth, one story which eclipses all others, a single road towards the light revealed through religion, science, philosophy, legend and myth? Some would say 'no'; they are wrong. We live in perilous times. This is a time for answers, a time to take a closer look, this is a Time for Truth.

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  • Perfection

    Perfection! Within the human soul a voice calls us to reach for perfection. So often we demonstrate a desire to know, experience and create that which is perfect. The clothes we wear, the flowers we choose, the religions we practice and love we seek. We reject what we perceive as flawed, and strive for beauty, contentment and fulfillment. Can we know and experience perfection? The answer is 'yes'.

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  • Simon and Simon: Passion and Power

    Simon and Simon is the second novel of a 1st century trilogy. It features two men born just a few miles apart whose lives are dramatically different, Simon Peter and Simon Magus. Simon Peter's passionate life weaves through the story and is contrasted with Magus, the one known as ‘Simon the Sorcerer’. The latter travels to Kashmir and studies the Rig Veda in search of individual power. He returns to Israel where he meetsShow more

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  • Religion: History and Mystery

    War, Power, Greed, Jihad, Inquisition, Crusades and Extremists, all words we associate with religion. Shamans, priests, prophets and magicians, servants of the gods, mediums of power, or frauds? 22 religions, examined, exposed and deciphered. Religion: History and Mystery explores the ancient and modern religions which have dominated the world for 6000 years.

    A new book exploring the major religions of the world from beforeShow more

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  • Colossians. Living in Christ Series

    A Study Series on Colossians for individuals, home groups, and pastors. The Apostle Paul’s letter to the Colossians contains some of the most profound statements ever written about the Lord Jesus Christ and the status of believers. The heresy of Gnosticism had taken root and was spreading throughout the fledgling Gentile churches, a heresy which spearheaded Satan’s attack on the gospel message for over a hundredShow more

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  • Hell and Immortality. Living in Christ Series

    Is the human soul naturally immortal? Does the Bible teach that unbelievers souls will suffer a fiery torment for all eternity, or eventually be annihilated?

    The doctrines of hell and immortality are often controversial and divisive. Some views seem to contradict the character of God, whilst others make Him powerless to exercise justice. In this six-part Bible Study Series we explore in depth the main doctrines of hell, Traditionalist, Conditionalist and Universalist.

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