Colossians. Living in Christ Series
Colossians. Living in Christ Series
Colossians. Living in Christ Series
Colossians. Living in Christ Series

Colossians. Living in Christ Series

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A Study Series on Colossians for individuals, home groups, and pastors. The Apostle Paul’s letter to the Colossians contains some of the most profound statements ever written about the Lord Jesus Christ and the status of believers. The heresy of Gnosticism had taken root and was spreading throughout the fledgling Gentile churches, a heresy which spearheaded Satan’s attack on the gospel message for over a hundred years.

Gnosticism challenged the fundamental doctrines of the Divinity and humanity of Christ, split the Church into levels of spirituality, promoted ecstatic experiences and the worship of angels, immorality, asceticism and the keeping of human rules and traditions.

This series of twenty studies explores and applies Paul’s inspired answers to all of these topics, challenges the resurgent Gnostic heresies which have resurrected in the past thirty years, and encourages Christians to know their true status in Christ.



Chapter One: Study One

Chapter Two: Study Two

Chapter Three: Study Three

Chapter Four: Study Four

Chapter Five: Study Five

Chapter Six: Study Six

Chapter Seven: Study Seven

Chapter Eight: Study Eight

Chapter Nine: Study Nine

Chapter Ten: Study Ten

Chapter Eleven: Study Eleven

Chapter Twelve: Study Twelve

Chapter Thirteen: Study Thirteen

Chapter Fourteen: Study Fourteen

Chapter Fifteen: Study Fifteen

Chapter Sixteen: Study Sixteen

Chapter Seventeen: Study Seventeen

Chapter Eighteen: Study Eighteen

Chapter Nineteen: Study Nineteen

Chapter Twenty: Study Twenty

, 2014
Language: English
ISBN: 9781310207662

Steve Copland is a self-supported missionary serving the Lord in Ukraine since 2003. He works at the International Christian University (ICU) where he lectures on Biblical Studies, Apologetics and Church History. ICU offers degrees in Business Management and Marketing but is unique in that it provides four courses grounded in Christian teaching.

Steve also works as a volunteer pastor at New Life Church in Kiev where he and his wife Natasha are involved in evangelism and in particular student ministries. The rest of the time he teaches English and writes books.

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