Successful Fishing! Practical Skills for Sharing the Gospel

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Everyone who is saved becomes a disciple of Christ and is responsible to fulfill the great commission that his Teacher has given to him. Every person who has come to God and tasted of His goodness will bring new souls to Him.

This book is a practical guide for all who bring the Good News to the unsaved. The author shares how to be prepared to share the gospel, what questions to ask people and how to respond to objections.

The book also contains a short course on the foundations of faith, ending with exam questions. It is useful both for working in a group and for individual preparation for successful evangelism.






How to Use the Flowchart

Part 2. The Basis of Faith

God is the Creator and the Lord of His Creation

The Authority of God’s Word

Adam’s First-Born (Original) Sin

God’s Nature and His Actions for the Salvation of Sinful Man

The Law (Torah) and its Meaning in the Life of the Christian

Changes in the Believer’s Heart


Test on the Topic: The Basis of Faith

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Baruch, 2019
Language: English

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Michael Karpovetzki on Equalibra
Michael Karpovetzki

Michael Karpovetzki has been working as an evangelist in Israel for 30 years. Knowledge of Hebrew language, Jewish and Christian doctrines and traditions allows Michael to share with readers valuable results made in the process of researching the Holy Scriptures.

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