The Relationship Between God and Man

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In this book you will learn why people do not have a close relationship with God, what the main obstacles are that stand in the way of this relationship and how to overcome these obstacles. And most importantly, this book will help you to think about what is most important: your personal need for a close relationship with your Creator.


Title Page

Chapter 1. I Can Handle It Myself

Chapter 2. Popular Opinion

Chapter 3. Traditions and Habits

Chapter 4. Worldly Success

Chapter 5. Imminent Despair

Chapter 6. Awareness of Our Need for God

Chapter 7. Decision Made

Chapter 8. A Harmonious Relationship with God is the Only Way to Happiness


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Варух, 2019
Язык: Английский

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Ivan Ravluk на Эквалибре
Ivan Ravluk

Ivan Ravlyuk is a preacher of the Word of God, senior pastor of the Voice of Truth Church in the city of Chernivtsi, as well as pastor of a church in the Carpathian town of Beregomet, in the Chernivtsi region. For more than fifteen years, Ivan Ravlyuk has served as pastor and has also ministered in various churches. He believes that the Lord Jesus is the only hope for this world, and that the preaching of the gospel of Jesus Christ is the most important thing on earth.

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