Tamara Reznikova

Tamara Reznikova

Tamara Reznikova is a Christian writer and the author of a number of books in Russian.

Tamara Reznikova (nee Merkulova) was born in sunny Georgia. At the age of two months, her mother brought her to Russia in the southern resort town of Anapa, which becomes Tamara’s home for life: here she grew up, graduated from school and technical school, and in 1985 she married Viktor Reznikov.

In 1997, the Reznikov family moved to the United States for permanent residence. In 1999, the couple came to believe in God and devoted their lives to evangelism in USA, Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Germany, Canada, Moldova. During these trips, meeting different people and learning their life stories, Tamara responded to God’s call to write Christian stories and poems, in which the reader, through the testimony of Christians, would open a ways to the Savior.

In 2005, the first testimony-story «The Pardoned» (russian «Помилованные») was published, in which Tamara and Viktor Reznikovs told their amazing and dramatic life story. In subsequent years, the stories of Tamara Reznikova «Liberation», «Queue to the Sky», «Intended to Live», «Composition», «Maya», «Apricot Tree» were published.

Tamara and Victor raised five children to whom they passed on their sincere faith.

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