Dennis R. Petersen

Dennis R. Petersen

Born and raised in the San Gabriel Valley of Southern California, Dennis Petersen has an interest in nature and history both through his education and professional career.

After completing his Ph. D. and working as an exhibit preparer for historical museums, he earned a master’s degree from State University of New York in Museum Management. He worked for several years as a curator of the museum, and then met with God, who completely changed his purpose and direction in life.

In 1973 he was sent by grace to the Canadian Bible College, where he spent three years studying intensively. For four years he taught apologetics and Old Testament studies at this Bible Institute, and also developed a science and Bible course for the college. He served as pastor of the church for five years before the Lord sovereignly led him to begin ministry at the Mysteries of Creation seminar in 1984, when he wrote the book Unlocking the Mysteries of Creation, first published in 1986.

Through seminars, publications and media presentations, the author is passionate about rebuilding the thinking of this generation to the life-giving Word of God — the only key to unraveling the greatest mysteries.

Dennis founded the Creation Resource Foundation in Eldorado, California, where he and his lovely wife Viola raised all four of their adorable children in a home they built in this rural foothill community. He was active as an elder teacher in the local church and has served in many churches and schools with creation presentations in California and throughout the country. Wherever he goes, his friendly character expresses the warmth of Christ in a sincere spirit of caring for others.


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