Don Stewart

Don Stewart

«Struck by a bone disease at the age of 13 and unable to walk without crutches after four major hip surgeries, Don Stewart was miraculously healed. At that hour, God called him to take His healing power to every country in the world. Don Stewart dedicated 40 years of his life to fulfilling his calling — the physical and spiritual healing of human suffering. Preaching a powerful word of God’s power and His mercy, Don ministered to sick and suffering people in more than 75 countries.

Don Stewart’s preaching of God’s power and mercy is based on many years of experience as an evangelist. Having attended the school of his beloved teacher A. A. Alena in the early 60s, Don preaches that God has something better than poverty, illness and life in defeat.

With a primary focus on restoration for soul and body, Don’s ministry is used by God to bring salvation, healing and prosperity to millions of people around the world. He believes that «if you have a need, a miracle can happen!»

«The main theme of his sermon is «God wants to heal you wherever you suffer.» Respectfully called a «compassionate evangelist,» he deeply connects with people’s pain and struggles, and this compels him to act. Don’s preaching is simple and has a prophetic anointing as he moves in spiritual gifts — especially the anointing for healing, miracles and words of knowledge.

Don Stewart considers mass evangelism his main task. It holds citywide meetings in large halls, stadiums, churches and outdoors. To reach the vast multitudes of thirsty, God-seeking people with the gospel of power and mercy, he held some of the largest worship services in the history of those countries in many countries in Africa, South and Central America, and the Philippines. In New York, he filled the world famous Madison Square Garden with people, where thousands were saved and healed.

«Don Stewart dedicated his life entirely to healing people from their suffering. After his own healing from bone disease at the age of 13, Reverend Stuart went to study in the ministry of A. A. Allen. For four decades he served people — both beggars and presidents. He has traveled to more than 75 countries around the world. Today, the Don Stewart Association has offices on four continents, running free food distribution centers, mobile clinics, schools, orphanages, and other types of practical assistance. Don Stewart is president of Power and Mercy Mission, author of many books, and host of a weekly television program. Reverend Stewart believes that God’s power and mercy can change the world.»


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