Mary Magdalene: A Woman Who Loved


Who was Mary Magdalene?

Was history rewritten? Was she the wife of Jesus, or a prostitute whose life had led her into demonic possession? There are a few broken lines written about her on a tiny Gnostic fragment, but the Gnostic gospels were written to discredit Jesus. 

Mary Magdalene is the first book in a trilogy of 1st century novels. This book explores the life of a woman driven into prostitution, bitterness and demon possession, her encounter with Jesus Christ, and total transformation into the ‘apostle to the apostles’. Mary Magdalene brings the gospels to life in a fresh way.

Artilius and Lucius, two Roman soldiers who get involved in the mystery cult of Mithraism end up inEще

Издатель: «Авторское издание», 2011 год


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