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Strategic Solutions and Initiatives for Church Growth in Eurasia. Part 1

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Current time is crucial for post-soviet churches of Eurasia. It is now that they are able to use their national experience and carry out an expert evaluation of the church impact in God’s work that is growing and increasing. Therefore, Mission Eurasia took the initiative to launch a research project that would combine experience of national experts in order to identify substantial indicators of growth of Evangelical Churches in the post-soviet countries.

We are delighted to present the first results of our large-scale analysis of national mission initiatives of evangelical churches and ministries of Eurasia. From these results, you will see not only challenges and
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A crucial time for the mission of the church in Eurasia

      1. Objectives and tasks of the research initiative

      2. Scope of the research

      3. Project geography and denominational selection

      4. Methodology and progress report


1. Churches
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Mission Eurasia, 2017
Language: English
ISBN: 978-617-7374-13-7

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